5 Songs I'm Loving Right Now #2

5 Songs I'm Loving Right Now #2

I love sharing music with you all and writing short reviews, so I thought it was about time to write another one of these posts. I'm thinking that I should do one every month? Would that be something you guys would like?

Anyways, get your headphones ready.

Punch Brothers- Julep

Punch Brothers are a band I've come back to for years and years. The vocal harmonies are amazing and sound just as good live as they do on the album. I love the mandolin and how it's always known in their sound and I love how honest and raw their songs always are. They remind me of the good ol mountains of Virginia that I miss dearly.

Angel Olsen- Never Be Mine

I love the spanish guitar effect in this song. Her lyrics are always pure and heartbreaking even in this new album that takes a different direction than her usual folk sound. Nonetheless, her new album MY WOMAN is so, so good and if you're into girl lead singers with an honest and distinct voice then give this a listen asap. Honestly, she reminds me of a female version of Roky Erickson. 

Chastity Belt- Seattle Party

I fell in love with this song in a matter of a few seconds. It's a good feeling but laid-back song with kind of uncertain rhythm that sounds so natural and real which I really love. It has the same beachy vibe that Beach House has and the lyrics are funny and sarcastic, and it's an all girl band (hell yes) so definitely listen to this if this description is something you need in your life. 

Native America- Naturally Lazy

I found this song on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and I'm so glad I did. The best way I can describe it is drowsy Indie Rock. The vocal effects are fuzzy and the guitars are melodic and easy going, and kind of reminds me of Mac Demarco. 

Low- Words

This song was recorded the year I was born, but I recently discovered it and it's been inspiring both me and my boyfriend so much when it comes to our music. This duo is dreamy and spacey which, I think, is kind of rare for 1994. The music is hopeful yet sad sounding and the vocal melodies are moody. If you're into a softcore sound with beautiful and haunting melodies, I'm sure you'll love this song just as much as I do. 

Did you all already know some of these songs? If so, which ones?

I'd love to know which song you like best so comment below!

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