5 Songs I'm Loving Right Now

5 Songs I'm Loving Right Now

1. Mitski- Your Best American Girl

I stumbled upon this artist one day on Spotify and it was one of those things where you hear a song or artist for the first time and you're just like, "I need to listen to all of this and who is and I need to hear every song on every album". Her lyrics are beautiful and she seems so genuine. I'd say genre-wise this is Indie Rock with some moodiness added to it (which I'm all about). I get so excited when I find girl artists or bands that sing something besides mainstream pop because that has never really been my style. So yay for this discovery! 

2. Tame Impala- Beverly Laurel

Tame Impala has been one of my favorite bands since I heard their album "Innerspeaker" 4 or 5 years ago. I've always been a huge fan of 60s psychedelic rock and they have a lot of that kind of element in their music. I recently heard this song while I was busy around my apartment and listening to a random playlist and I was like "This sounds so much like Tame Impala!"...turns out it is and I either never heard this song before or I have but I don't remember it. Either way, this song is really good and I definitely recommend this and in general. The band's style has changed a bit since I first found them but I still think they're amazing.

3. Porches- Mood

This song was recommended to me through Spotify and I'm so happy it was because this has been a song I listen to all the time. It has a soft rock sound with touches of 80s-ish synths which isn't something if I read that I'd be drawn to, but it's such a good song to listen to when you're relaxing or whatever. It also reminds me a little of the Talking Heads and I find myself listening to it so much that Cody says he is now sick of it, haha.

4. Radiohead- Daydreaming

I've loved Radiohead for so many years now and I'd been dying for a new album from them so when "A Moon Shaped Pool" came out this past May I was so into it. I have several favorite songs off the album but this one is currently my favorite. It's dreamier than their last few albums; instead of a more defined electronic take it has an orchestra ensemble background which is a nice change. I love hearing how groups and artists change throughout the years and this is such a nice easy going change and this album (this song in particular) inspires me to get back into recording again. 

5. Good Morning- Warned You

If you googled "easy-going pop song" this would come up first. This song is an old song that's new to me and it's so good that it makes me kinda mad I didn't write it myself. I love how laid back this song is; it's not one of those ones that is so slow it bums you out but it's definitely a more relaxed tune. It's soft with a catchy guitar progression and vocal harmonies and it's been one of my go-to songs for a couple months now. 

I hope I helped you all find some new artists/bands to listen to! I love finding new bands to listen to so leave yours in the comments! 

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